The Beginning of the End

As we have entered 2022 and WCC is reading through God’s entire Word together, it occurred to me that what we are reading is actually the beginning of the end of mankind. However, we also know that the end is really the beginning of eternity where there is no end. Are you confused yet?

God begins in Genesis 1. His grand creation and this world that we call home is spoken into existence. I believe in the literal creation by God not the theories brought forward by people. We are not an accident we are skillfully created by an all-powerful, loving, and very present God and Father.

I want to point out the things that stand out to me in these first few days of our reading plans with a focus on the Old Testament. The first thing is that after God worked to create this planet and all the life that is here, he took time to rest. I feel that we loose sight of that fact. God worked hard to provide us a place worthy of His creation to reside. He didn’t take it lightly; he didn’t just suddenly decide to do something. He planned it out. Every great engineer invests time and thought into each design that they produce. Architects labor intensely to create for their clients a design that is worthy of their name to be placed on the blueprints. We are not just a thought that God decided to throw out there and see if it works out. Its not like a homemade boat that we take to the water to see if it floats and if it doesn’t, we just let it sink.

God worked so hard on this plan that it was now time to rest and enjoy the creation that He poured himself into. We will see that we are not an experiment that was tossed aside because it didn’t meet the expectations of the creator. As we read this account it is more than science fiction, it is the beginning of a masterful plan that we know thousands of years later leads us to Jesus and the cross.

God loved mankind so much that when he created man didn’t just speak us into existence. He took the time to put His hands in the dirt and form us in His image. He then did something unique to humans. God breathed into Adam giving him something that not one of the living creatures on earth has: a soul to set us above the rest of creation. When God created man, it was for a special purpose. It wasn’t so that He could be entertained as He watched from Heaven (although I bet, we are really funny sometimes). No, God created us to have relationship with him. He wants to be in your life, not just watch your life.

As we move forward even in this week’s reading, we will find that God is very active in both guiding and showing mercy in the story of our creation. I am thankful that we don’t get what we deserve. More in the coming days. Keep reading and comment so we can grow closer to Him together.

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