Women's Ministry

Hope is an opportunity to slow down for a moment, and know what we all need to understand most: you’re loved. You will hear stories from women like you, women who have messy lives, hard questions, and busy schedules. They will tell you how God found them in the midst of their chaos and how He found a way to say to their hearts, I’m here. Come find encouragement, comfort, and companionship. You don’t have to feel alone, God is with you and your sisters are too. HOPE meets Tuesday mornings at 10AM in Room 102 of the Education Building. For more information, please email Patty Young at the email below.

Prepare for laughter and fellowship with your Soul Sisters in Christ from any stage of life as we study the word together to grow in our walk with God. Each season, we choose a different study, ranging from books of the Bible to spiritual guidance for everyday life, and meet regularly to share a video lesson and our thoughts and direction of the Holy Spirit. For more information, contact Leslie at wcc@reallifechristian.church.

We do needle work and coloring books but you can just do you! Do your quilting or painting or just come and chat. We will be moving online because I miss your faces and would love to see new faces.  So come and join us for a great time of crafting and coloring.