Compassion by Donna Andrew

In this month’s newsletter, I’m starting off with a question for you: How well do we see the needs of others around us?  Are we consumed with just our own needs? It’s true that some of us are pretty good at putting on the brave face with the temporary smile when we gather for social functions, attend church service, go to school or work, and go about the business of daily life. But what about back home, when the bills, the housework, the homework, family dynamics, sickness, and an entire host of real-life struggles sets in? Our first thought is likely asking God to have compassion on us and help us through our afflictions. The Bible tells us when we pray God hears and answers our prayers according to His will and infinite wisdom. But if you follow Jesus, you are called to care about the needs of others.  With these things in mind, February will be the month 2:52 KIDZ families will explore the concept, “Compassion-Caring enough to do something about someone else’s need”.  

God’s compassion for mankind shows us the greatest act of love our world has ever seen.  God sent Jesus to rescue us on the cross! Jesus’ sacrifice embodied compassion and His followers should reflect this kind of love. When we care for others, spend time with them, and use what we have to help them, we are demonstrating and sharing God’s love. 

2:52 KIDZ will see and hear about the outreach ministries WCC offers our local community.  We will tour the Food Bank & Clothing Ministries and Yahweh’s Table.  The kids will also have an opportunity to participate in a Valentine’s Day party on February 13th, honoring the children living in a nearby apartment complex.  Treats and homemade Valentines (made by our class) will be distributed to kids who live there.  We will also give out information on our community outreach ministries as local resources to those in need.  We want kids to learn they can make a difference regardless of their age.  All of us should seek to have compassion for others. Let’s make it a priority!

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